Sunday Stash Share: Sailing

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I broke down and splurged on a fat eighth bundle of Bonnie & Camille's "Daysail" line.

To be honest, I wasn't totally in love with all of the prints in the line, but the completionist in me demanded I buy the line in its' entirety. And I love Bonnie & Camille.

I've started to collect more fat eighth bundles vs. the fat quarter bundles I was inclined to purchase in the past. I would prefer a FQ bundle, but let's face it, they are freakin' expensive. So expensive that I'm basically priced out of buying any of the lines that I love.

Enter the fat eighth bundle.

Yes, you don't get as much fabric to play with. Yes, you have to think a little more outside the box with respect to using it in blocks and patterns, but it can be done. I think that the 9" width you get is enough to work with/around, whilst still being able to use an entire line of fabrics.

To be honest I wish more companies would do a pre-pack fat eighth bundle so that I could afford to use their fabric lines; charm packs and jelly rolls are not the easiest for me to work with (although I do try...).

And fat eighth bundles look good on the shelf. Heheh.

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  1. I agree! Sometimes fat eighth bundles are just enough and a good way to get a whole line

  2. When i buy a bundle i think i have to keep it together in a project, so it works better for me to just buy yardage of the prints i love.

  3. I like eight bundles to with a solid color you can make a block. Then if you love one you can get yardage in it

  4. I can see why you want all of the range... it's gorgeous. If you think fabric is expensive just come to England where you will pay at least 3 x the price of USA. I have friends who leave space in their luggage, when they holiday in America, to bring back a huge stash to keep them going!
    Jo x

    1. I have heard fabrics are too expensive in the UK! Insane the prices you all pay. Honestly I probably wouldn't be a quilter if we lived there. I definitely wouldn't be able to afford it!

  5. Hi Erin!!!
    Search Etsy. They are not pre-cut from the manufacturer but by the seller. You can find just about any fabric line. Also, if you find a seller with a fat quarter bundle you can email them and ask for a fat eighth. They are usually willing to cut.

    1. Thank you so much for the info Dianne! This is an awesome tip!


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