Aurifil Lecture with Alex Veronelli

8:00:00 PM

Today I had the great pleasure of doing three things:

  1. Hanging out with a bunch of my Chicago Modern Quilt Guild buddies
  2. Shopping. For fabric. Of course.
  3. Learning about gorgeous Italian threads made by Aurifil...

I attended a lecture given by none other than the very Italian, very handsome Alex Veronelli - the self-proclaimed marketing guru and brand Jedi of Aurifil threads.

If you haven't noticed by my previous posts about Aurifil, I love this thread. Like, love it. My machines love it, my quilts love it, I love it. 

Whenever I have a few pennies saved I have a very difficult time deciding between one of two purchases: Aurifil or fabric?

Decisions, decisions.

It's virtually lint free (I learned why today!), melts into your fabric like the two were meant to be married in some blissful, harmonious relationship, and it's smooth. Super smooth. I don't know how else to describe it. Sewing with it is like taking a hot knife to butter.

I have to say, I didn't know what to expect from today's lecture, but it was really, really interesting. It takes literally days for a spool of Aurifil to be constructed, and 15 individual steps. It's crazy.

If Alex ends up coming to your town, or close by, you should consider attending. Check out his Facebook page to see if he's posting about a lecture in your area.

It really gave me a better appreciation for the thread, the science and quality control that goes into it, and, of course, the perhaps slightly higher price point of the product therein.

Totally. Worth. Every. Penny.

The lecture was held in a fabric shop about 40 minutes from my, come on, I had to purchase some goodies, right? Right??
Some gorgeous Aurifil swag & samples, and then I found some out of print gems -
namely Vintage Modern and Marmalade prints by Bonnie and Camille for Moda!
A huge thank-you to Alex for his wonderful, informative lecture today. We all loved it!

I had a blast hanging out with my Chicago MQG girls. We did some damage at the fabric store today.


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  1. It was great to hang out with you, too! I definitely had no idea (not that I had really thought about it) how much of a process it is to make the thread. I really appreciate the fact that they focus on quality, too.

  2. Lucky you! I would have loved to have heard his talk, and shopped the shop. I'm also an Auriful fan in a big way. It's everything you say.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  3. Fabric store 40 minutes from us? Where and is it worth the trip?

    1. Hey Yvonne!
      you're a no reply blogger so I'll have to respond here, hopefully you check back!
      it's Fabrics Etc 2, and it's a pretty nice quilt shop! Fairly big, and some really nice stuff! I had to hold back on purchasing out half the store... heheh

    2. Erin, I changed my profile so please attempt to send me an email to confirm I did it correctly. thanks!

  4. Alex is coming to Virginia! I am going to hear his lecture! I am so excited! I have a few spools of aurifil which I have yet to use. I am going to have to use it before his lecture! So, I can say, yes, I do use aurifil. LOL..


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