Sunday Stash Share: Seasoning my Stash

10:31:00 AM

So, I seem to be slowly but surely adding to my stash, bit by bit.

But never sewing any of it.

Does this happen to anyone else?! Please tell me I'm not alone!

I can't seem to find the time to sew! I'm either chasing around my littles, working on Chicago Modern Quilt Guild tech/social media stuff, or trying to fix something around the house.

As for the latter, I'm starting to feel like we may have purchased a lemon. Oi.

Last week, our main sewer pipe and clean-out needed to be fixed, because, oh yes, lucky us, it was leaking. Profusely. Into my laundry room.

Ugh. Ka-CHING!!!

The cast-iron pipe had corroded at the base where it met the flange entering the concrete. We had it repaired, but essentially, a huge section will need to be replaced at some point in the near future, and that will require a jackhammer to get through the footing and concrete floor.

And most likely a total gut of the bathroom we just reno'd as it shares a wall with said pipe.

Easily $2,000-3,000.


So far this year, since our possession date of January 30, 2015, we've had to:

- re-mediate our entire attic from black mold infestation - this was not pleasant, or cheap
- seal foundation cracks on exterior foundation walls (water was pouring in)
- replace the electrical box (it was SPARKING!)
- install a fence (keep my cray-cray lab and even more cray-cray kids in, haha)
- bring electrical up to code in basement
- gut and rebuild a moldy, leaky, health-hazard bathroom
- regrade areas of the front of the house (water was pouring in)
- replace upstairs windows (sash fell out of one, and a bird was living *in* the frame of another)
- fix main sewer line

...and this is only the big stuff. We've done a whole 'lot more than this, most of the smaller stuff ourselves.

Man! On a single income it's amazing we got any of this done. Gar!!

Anywho. C'est la vie?

But, I was feeling a wee bit down, and thought hey, what the heck, I'll add a bit of seasoning to my stash with a peppered cotton bundle from Massdrop:


I love peppered cottons. I love their colors, I love the weight, love working with them. My new obsession!

I'm super excited about this bundle!! Adding it to my growing peppered cottons stash :)

Officially cheered up. Hahah.

Linking up today with the super fantastically talented Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash Share! Make sure to head on over there and see what he's up to!

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  1. The house troubles seem to pale after a little retail therapy :) Sounds like you've got all the biggies taken care of now, so next year should be smoother sailing. Enjoy your new rainbow bundle!

  2. There are certain basics you need to have on hand for that perfect project, i think the peppered cottons are up there with milk and toilet paper. Enjoy and I'll cross my fingers that your house woes are over.

  3. Ok. I don't even need to have all those house issues to buy fabric. It creeps into the house a .=.5 meter at a time. And don't tell my husband about the time I was away and phone the quilt store which had hours I couldn't manage - so the nice owner opened and I spent $$$ and 2 hours alone checking out every book and pattern and all the fabric. She was well paid for her 2 hours of work...


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