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Oh my goodness, what a summer it's been.

We have been blessed with amazing weather here in Chicago, and as such, we've been outside working on the house, yard, or playing with the kiddos! It's been awesome.

Summer is also the time when we cram all of our annual/biannual health exams in, including for all of our eyes - so when glassesshop.com contacted me the week before my eye exam and asked if they could send me a free pair of glasses to review, I said sure! Send them along.

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So, it's been almost 8 years since I had a new pair of glasses; I knew for sure that this trip to the eye doctor I would be picking out a new pair of glasses frames, that mine were pretty out of date and heck, I deserved a new pair. I actually chose to review a pair from glassesshop.com which were very similar to the ones I ended up purchasing from my optometrist - I wanted to compare quality and features as straight across the board as I could.

Here are the ones I purchased from my physician:

 ("Ernest Hemingway" brand - about $100 for the frame only)

Here are the ones I picked out to review from glassesshop.com:

As with anything I review, I make sure to use the item for several weeks before giving my honest feedback. So - that said - here goes:

➳ Shipping Time ➳:
So, from the time I placed my order to the time I received my glasses (I'm in Chicago) it was about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. They were shipped appropriately in a tight fitting hard cardboard box. My glasses came with a case and cleaning cloth:

➳ Quality ➳:
👓 Weight:
Very similar to the Ernest Hemingway frames I have. Difference is negligible.

👓 Lenses:
Seem to be light enough weight; comparable to the lenses I bought from my doc's office - although I'm not a professional lens analyst, so don't take my word for it. Prescription seems accurate to me.

👓 Color:
Great color, love the blue. The "GlassesShop.com" stamp on the inside of the arm is starting to fade off a bit after a month's continuous wear.

👓 Feel:
Again, similar to the EH frames mentioned above; comfortable, don't slip. Good fit. Not too heavy.

👓 Reflective Coating:
I notice the reflective coating a bit more on these lenses than I do the EH - at the very edges of my periphery - but I have to *really* watch for it, so it's definitely not bothersome.

➳ Price ➳: 
For $30, with lenses for single vision included in that price, why not? Especially if you've exhausted your insurance for the year. Or, you just want a few extra pairs laying around if you decide you want to change up your look.

Multifocal lenses are available for a relatively small charge, depending on the type you want.

➳ Final Impressions ➳: 
Overall, it's a good deal. I'm seriously thinking about picking up a pair of their prescription sunglasses now, so that I have 2 pairs kicking around (you know, for when my kids kick them around...) - I won't be so devastated to have a pair of $30 glasses crushed and mangled as I would my cost-me-a-fortune physician's office purchases.

I am no stranger to ordering glasses online - there is a bit of a learning curve. Mostly, you have to remember to reference the glasses you already have which fit and the measurements which are stamped inside the arms, and go from there. Here's more information on GlassesShop.com's website {click here}

And, here's a little diagram further explaining what they're talking about with respect to all of those measurements:

➳ How about a COUPON CODE? ➳: 

GlassesShop.com has offered a coupon for 50% off your first pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses, lenses included -

Use the code GSHOT50 on checkout.

Thanks to GlassesShop.com for sending me this free pair of prescription glasses to review!

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  1. I've always wondered about buying glasses online. This was very cool and I just might take the plunge, especially for reading glasses. Thanks Erin!


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