A quilt for a friend.

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Recently, one of my husband's colleagues had a very unexpected stroke.

She's the same age as myself (mid-to-late 30's [a lady never divulges her age]), has two littles slightly older than mine, and is probably one of the fittest, friendliest, happiest people I have ever met in my life. She's one of those people that is just so, genuine. Like, when you meet her, you know instantly she has a million friends and everyone loves her. The kind of person you want to be, you strive to be.

Shit like this always happens to the best of people.

She spent some time in hospital, a rehab facility, and then was back in the hospital for a while and was just released again a few days ago.

When my husband's boss sent out the initial email to inform her colleagues of what had happened, my first reactions were

a) panic for her kids,
b) panic for her,
c) talk myself down,
d) crap, I gotta do something. What's she gonna need?

Food. Comfort.

My mom is visiting and was sitting with us when hubby read the email. Mom instantly said she was going to make freezer meals for her and the boys, that she wouldn't feel like cooking when she got out of the rehab facility.

And: Quilters gotta quilt.

I kept this one simple - I tried to use happy, upbeat, girly fabrics for her; several of the prints have text on them - fun stuff to read when she'll be undoubtedly bored out of her tree sitting on the couch convalescing.

(I used Sweetwater's Treehouse Club line -
image courtesy of LouLou's Fabric Shop

Please excuse the wrinkles - I was in a rush and didn't get a chance to iron the quilt before its photo shoot - but in true Sew at Home Mummy fashion, I made the quilt 'double-sided' - the front (or back - you pick) is a simpler strip of the prints bordered in Kona Snow and surrounded by a large negative space of grey. This style of bordering feature prints and adding a plain background is one of my favorite ways to piece a backing.

It finished up at about 47x66, a perfect lap-sized quilt for the couch or chair to snuggle up under.

I hope she likes it. The prints aren't the style I would normally use for a grown-up's quilt, but I wanted it to be fun for her. Light and playful, just like her personality, a reminder to see the bright on a dark day.

Get better soon, J. We're all rooting for you.

You are awesomesauce.

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  1. What a lovely gift for someone who needs to be wrapped in love right now. How scary to know that this young woman was hit with such a blow, especially being so healthy! I'm sure she will wrap herself in this beauty and let every stitch be a comfort to her as she heals and gains back her strength. Blessings!

  2. Very thoughtful to make meals and the quilt. I hope she recovers quickly.

  3. I am sure this will cheer her, good to read she is improving, I have my brother on live support following a heart attck then a stroke and a fractured skull due to falling so know what the family are going through

  4. Whoa that is really young for that to happen and I hope she makes a full recovery. Your quilt will surely help with that.

  5. How scary! I'm sure the meals and the quilt brought smiles to all of their faces and helped bring a little brightness into their days. The quilt is beautiful :)


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