My basement sewing area: in progress, part 3 (or: attempting to 'waterproof' a wet Chicago basement)

9:20:00 PM

If you've missed the first few posts in this 'fun' journey - click {here} for the back's a doozy.

Boy oh boy. Am I tired.

It doesn't look like I've done all that much, but, in reality, I have. I swear.

I had a bit of a setback over the weekend with a sick 4 year old needing some constant loves and snuggles, but Monday I was back on track.

My mom is visiting from Canada and we have been going at the space like gangbusters - the rest of the brick paneling went up, caulked/filled, painted (color: SW 7030, Anew Grey, in a Behr Marquee eggshell finish - left over paint from my kitchen cabinet project) and I used some paint that I 'acquired' (long story) on the upper paneled walls in kind of a sage green (not in LOVE love with it, but hey, the paint was free...):

fake or faux brick paneling made from wood for  basement masonry or knee walls - love this idea, it adds some character.
the sage is growing on me. I thought it might be too dark for this already dark space, but, in reality, it
has actually brightened it up in there - crazy.

the horrible, broken black blinds came down, and then I got the ledge trim up, caulked and painted (I actually used a 3" baseboard for this, but installed it upside down):

basement renovation, new brick paneling (wood!) waterproofing and drying out a basement || Sew at Home Mummy
new paint on the windows, the ledge, and new trim on the knee wall ledge. I'm getting pretty good at using a nail gun.

and swapped out all of the old black outlets for new, tamper-resistant ones (I used these ones* and this one* - and even switched out my main plug for my machines, etc., with one of those USB/power outlet combo plugs) and I went with midway and over-sized plate covers since I was going for that chunky, industrial look (I used this one* and these ones*):

faux fake brick wall in a basement painted a matte white, love it. Love the contrast of the shiny trim and the outlets blend right into the wall!
all new tamper-resistant outlets are in! this was the quickest part of the project for me.
30 minutes and 5 outlets all replaced. 
(I love this close up of the brick, the 3D texture is great) -
faux fake brick paneling made from wood! also love the USB/power outlet combo. Basement renovation update for a home sewing studio and home office. || Sew at Home Mummy
can't wait to have less plug-clutter with this new outlet!
great close up of the brick detail

...and while painting all of this other trim white, I was working on the windows (they're old and wood and not in the best of shape - but repainted, nonetheless. It took me a full day just to paint them.Window painting = tedious...) My mom and I also stripped all of the original brass window hardware on Friday night (here's how I did it - it's super easy!) of literally 5 layers of paint: black, white, cream, green, blue (and on some of them, pink!):

home sewing studio and office in the basement, stripped window hardware, basement renovation, new brick paneling (wood!) waterproofing and drying out a basement || Sew at Home Mummy
2 weeks ago I repaired the storms on all 5 of these windows in prep for winter -

storm window repair

I have a few more little weatherproofing things to do to the windows but already the drafts are significantly less with the storms re-glazed. The windows themselves need re-glazed but already it's too cold out for me to be:

a) using my fingers, sans gloves, to try and get perfect glaze lines, and
b) the glaze wouldn't set, it's too cold

...good enough for me, tee hee.

Last night right before dinner my hubby and I finished putting up the baseboards in the room (I needed his help here - the boards were too long to manhandle myself and I wanted to be quick, it was only 20F outside...), and I got them caulked and filled ready for paint:

basement renovation, new brick paneling (wood!) waterproofing and drying out a basement || Sew at Home Mummy

...and after the kids went to bed I worked until 1030pm on the Roman shades that will go on all of the windows in the room (last year I bought up all of the Lotta Jansdotter Glimma canvas I could find in prep for this project!) -

Glimma, Lotta Jansdotter - making a ton of lined Roman shades!

Today/tonight I'll paint the baseboards or work on the shades while the kids sleep.

Or maybe I'll sleep. (Probably not - who am I kidding...)

To be continued.

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  1. Looking good. Can't wait to see the shades up.

  2. My God woman, is there no end to what you can do? I'm impressed and the hubby should be thankful he has such a handy and talented wife. Hope you aren't doing all the cooking for Thanksgiving as well. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, and will look forward to the unveiling of the finished product.


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