Christmas Quilty Goodies

10:08:00 PM

I had a relatively short quilty and crafty wish list this year for Christmas and hubby did a great job - I got the Serger book* I really wanted and the little Clover mini iron*!

new clover mini wedge iron
new Clover mini travel wedge iron
I haven't had a chance to make it down to the basement to sew anything yet since yesterday but I'm really excited about this little tiny iron. I was so surprised when I opened it - it truly is 'mini'. It's teeny tiny, I love it. Not going to take up a ton of space on my little ironing board when I'm piecing by my machine.

The serger book I need because...well, I don't know how to use my serger! haha! I got an excellent deal on a Brother 1034* on Black Friday and I haven't even had a chance to use it yet, I've been so crazy with trying to finish quilts for Christmas and finishing the basement, and, and, and...

Anyway - I'll make sure to post a review of the iron and the book once I've used the iron for a while and read the book and put it to work.

Bonnie and Camille charm pack? Yes please! Can't wait to dig into that. Not sure what I'll do with it, but still.

Next week I hope to start working on building a new cutting table for my area, one with a fold down leaf that'll flip up when I need a larger table area for basting quilts. It'll have those cool treadle legs as a base -
vintage treadle base for a cutting table

I'm also still working on my 'custom diy fat quarter storage cubby wall shelf' post - it's taking a while but it's almost done.

fat quarter fabric storage wall shelf  ideas
I hope all of my readers had a wonderful and safe holiday season with their friends and family! If you celebrate Christmas or exchange gifts over the holidays, did YOU get anything quilty or crafty this year?

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