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I thought I'd pass on the money-saving love (you know how I love a good deal, the penny pincher I am!) - links updated - they weren't working early this morning, my apologies!
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Craftsy is having their annual end-of-the-year Winter Clearance sale -

save on Aurifil and kona and designer quilting fabric

They're offering up to 70% off kits + supplies (knitting, sewing, and quilting!) from Wednesday December 28 - Saturday December 31. Click {here} to see all of their deals!

I'm heading over to check out the Aurifil today. Often they'll have the best sales, and then I stock up on 3 or 4 spools (and I've also been known to organize a group order with my friends to get the free shipping hehe). There's also a V and Co quilt kit I've been watching decrease in price that I've been trying to scrape my pennies together to get.

This is a good time to pick up what I wanted for Christmas but didn't get in the fabric department. My hubby, bless his heart, I add this stuff to my wishlist every year but he's just too nervous to buy fabric for me.

Or, I might just pick up a cone of Aurifil and add to my cone stash. (As an aside - did you know you can use cones on your home sewing machine? here are two posts I wrote with tricks to do just that - for both vertical and horizontal spool sewing machines - save money on the thread you buy! it's like the equivalent of buying food at Costco, but for your sewing machine, lol.)

use a cone on your home sewing machine || Sew at Home Mummy

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