Nuts over English-inspired yarn dyes

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Whenever I’ve had a spare moment over the last few days I’ve stolen a minute or two in
the basement at my old Singer 201-2 with some gorgeous Bonnie and Camille out of print fabrics I’ve been hoarding for years -

Singer 201 sunk in an IKEA INGO dining room table, gorgeous sewing room studio space ideas

Last week I discovered something very dangerous: is now selling a large selection of their fabrics through Amazon (and perhaps this has been the case for a while, I know that is an Amazon* company, maybe I’m just late to the party here [and in that case that’s a very good thing]).

Imagine my delight at being able to use my Amazon gift cards on some RK Essex Linen Yarn-Dyeds:

Pretty! Pairing Bonnie and Camille with coordinating Essex Yarn Dyeds (Robert Kaufman) and Aurifil || Sew at Home Mummy
I had some fun coordinating my fabrics up, and in person, the color matches are pretty darn close!
RK Essex Yard Dyeds in Red, Malibu and Charcoal
Aurifil in #2630, #1125, #2260
Not sure what yarn dyed is, or never heard of it? and how does it differ from other fabrics?

adjective: yarn-dyed
  1. (of fabric) dyed as yarn, before being woven.
So yarn-dyed fabrics have their strands of threads dyed before they’re woven together, much like yarn is, vs. piece dyed where the threads are woven into a white sheet of fabric and then passed through a vat of hot dye or strategically placing dye on already woven sheets of fabric in order to create a pattern.

This yarn-dying process allows for the great variations in the shades within the fabric. So cool – I love the visual interest it adds.

It’s my first time playing with yarn-dyeds AND linen-blends, and I like the hand for the projects I’m working on. It’s a heavier weight than a traditional quilting cotton, with a bit more heft to it, but not heavy enough to call it a medium weight.I'm interested to see how it frays with handling - more or less or the same as conventional quilting cotton? we'll see. In the meantime? Love.

And super excited to mix this up with my Bonnie and Camille prints Smile

I’m linking up today with the fabulous Molli Sparkles’ Stash Share party over on his blog – make sure to head on over there to see what everyone else is adding to their fabric piles this week (and he has some gorgeous silks he’s waving about today, lucky bugger!)

So let's hear it - have you added anything to your stash as of late? Seems like it's been a while since I purchased any fabrics for myself, this was a real treat.

Happy Sunday everyone, stay warm (for those of you not in hot places at the moment!)

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