Playing with color

1:43:00 PM

I spent the morning running around in 0F weather with two toddlers in tow, effectively wearing both them (they are successfully napping for the first time in weeks! YIPPEE!) and myself out.

While I should be in the basement working on one of my many DIY projects I have on the go or hey, how about sewing something?, I decided I should try to get warm (I have been home an hour and I still can’t feel my hands) and answer a few emails and start planning my next quilt project.

This project will be a solids-only one, so I’ve been having fun playing around with some color palettes. I have really been drawn to navy lately, and since I hope to pad out this quilt to be a king sized for our master bedroom (resolution 1 for 2017: for heaven sakes, sew something, anything, for yourself, woman!). Off to Pinterest I went – (I even have a board specifically for color palette pinning, heehee):

…and again, really drawn to navy – and mostly drawn to the rich, saturated colors that accompany it in a lot of the palettes I found:
color palettes blues navy blue winter themed collage by Sew at Home Mummy
images courtesy of In color balance and Design Seeds, as watermarked
I’m really leaning toward the bottom left palette and the top left. What are your thoughts?

How do you decide on colors for your quilts, especially when you’re only working with solids and no prints to ‘go off of’ for starting points or inspiration?

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