Dreaming of somewhere tropical

7:12:00 AM

I'm not sure what the weather has been like where you are, but here in Chicago, it's been a little nuts. The weather is making me wish (more than usual) I was somewhere like this - 

It has been cold and crazy, crazy windy. And I know we live in the Windy City - but I'm talking like days of windstorm, trees down, cars being blown into each other on the interstate kinda windy.

Before that it's just been, well, cold. No snow, just, cold. I am not complaining. Well, I guess I am sort of, I wish it would warm up a bit so I could get out to the garage to paint my sewing machine since it's got to be above 50F at the very least for my paint to set on it, but I digress... It's just that my poor machine has been sitting naked for a while now, waiting for a fresh coat of paint.

The good thing about the colder weather is that I have managed to sneak to the basement without guilt here and there over the last few days to get a bit of sewing done on some pretty Pineapple blocks - 
I love how these are coming along!

Have you ever made Pineapple blocks before? I'm using the Creative Grids ruler technique. It takes a while (but I am assembly-lining 7 blocks all at once) but they are fun and easy to do. I think they'd be a great way to use up scraps from a stash. Here's what the ruler looks like (aff link from Amazon.com) - it takes a bit to figure out how to use it at first but once you get the rhythm, it's easy peasy lemon squeezy!
I'm calling this my Work in Progress Wednesday, even though Lee isn't running it anymore. I'm going to keep on trucking, old school. (and I'm a day late! hahah) 

If you need me, I'll be on that beach pictured above. Wanna come?

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  1. Heck yeh I want a beach like that!! It's been very windy here too. Yesterday it was calm and oh it was wonderful even though it was cold LOL.


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