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I have this thing with clocks. So much so that my best friend and maid of honor actually made sure to bring it up in her speech to me at my wedding many years ago.

I love clocks. I must have at least one in every room. If not more.

There. I feel better. My dirty little secret is out there now for the world to read. Fewf. (I am fully aware that Freud would probably have a field day with me. Whatevs. We all have our things, right?)

She (my aforementioned BFF) lived with me for several years and used to make fun of this little idiosyncrasy - that even the bathroom had a wall clock. We were in a small basement apartment and we probably had like 6 wall clocks in the whole place but to me, we probably could have had more.

You never know when you'll need to know the time! And there's nothing like a great wall clock.

To this day I don't check my phone for the time. I don't know that I ever will. And here's the ironic thing - I don't like wearing watches.

So, you won't find this surprising when I say that yes indeedy I have an entire Wish List board on the interwebs of just clocks. Actually: TWO. One on Pinterest and one on (aff link).


Here are some of the ones that have made my research short list over the years and that I have been eyeing for a while for a particular wall in my dining room (which for the record, sits very naked and would be a perfect spot for one of these time-keeping beauts!)

sources for affordable retro mid century inspired wall clocks || Sew at Home Mummy

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I thought I'd start with the iconic 'starburst' clock - the one look I've been coveting for years, especially for that spot in the dining room I mentioned above. I'm thinking of going with one in a walnut color, and I'm really in love with numbers 1, 3, 6, and 8 below. #2 is pretty darned good lookin' for a clock, too though. Ugh. Decisions.

Affordable Starburst Mid Century Modern Clock Options || Sew at Home Mummy

affiliate links included below for your pajama-shopping, couch-surfing pleasure!
1. Infinity Instruments Utopia Wall Clock - Brown
2. Telechron Wooden Starburst Clock
3.Stilnovo Mid Century Wood and Silver Star Clock
4. Hans Anderson Walnut Wooden Spokes Wall Clock
5. Telechron Atomic Ball Wall Clock, Multi/Silver
6. Umbra Ribbonwood Wall Clock
7. Infinity Instruments Satellite Wall Clock - Brown 
8. Stilnovo Harper Espresso Mid Century Clock
9. Telechron Mirrored Starburst Wall Clock
10. George Nelson Wooden 19.375” Sunburst Wall Clock
11. Kollway 24” Modern Starburst Wall Clock
12. George Nelson Wooden Ball Sunburst Wall Clock 

That Ribbonwood clock, #6, is really pretty. And I love the more traditional, heavier look of the darker woods with the pointier bursts, too. I think a big 24" starburst clock on my bare dining room wall would just look awesome. (Now to make a decision. Thoughts?)


These are those iconic, bright, colorful or metallic clocks of the mid-century era diners, kitchens and offices were known for. The big, bright silver or shiny red or aqua rimmed clocks with big numbers, some with built-in timers for your kitchen, made to match your decor? SO. MUCH. FUN.

I have one in my kitchen (#4 in the collage below):

Target's nice, big, 14" Schoolhouse Wall Clock in Mint above my kitchen sink! (aff link)
...cost me about $20 and I love that I can see it without my glasses on (key consideration when buying a clock when you're visually impaired, tee hee).

affordable retro colorful kitchen bathroom and office wall clocks || Sew at Home Mummy

affiliate links included below for your pajama-shopping, couch-surfing pleasure!
1. Infinity Instruments Retro Diner Clock in Green
2. Wall Clock Warm Brass 10" - Threshold™
3. Bai Schoolhouse Wall Clock in Orange
4. 14” Schoolhouse Wall Clock in Mint
5. Infinity Instruments Retro Round Wall Clock, Pink 
6. Northpoint Kitchen Clock with Temperature and Timer
7. 16" Wall Clock with Raised Marker Brass - Threshold™
8. Infinity Instruments Classic Red Diner Wall Clock
9. Retro Kitchen Clock, Temperature and Timer
10. Bai Kitchen Retro Wall Clock and Timer Chrome 
11. Westclox Classic Retro Extra Thick Chrome Bezel Glass Lens
12. Metal Wall Clock in Aqua 
13. Bai Too Cool For School Retro Wall Clock in Chartreuse
14. Sharp 14” Atomic Wall Clock
15. Retro Kitchen Timer Wall Clock
16. Bai Kitchen Timer and Clock

I had fun with these ones! I'm on the hunt for a smaller, fun colorful clock for my main bathroom so I thought I'd include these colorful ones in my post today too. Why not?

I love the look of these Mid Century clocks - for a living space definitely a wooden starburst looking one, but the bright colored clocks would look so great in a kitchen, bath, or even a sewing studio! I have a cute little retro brass one from Target I picked up for about $9 hanging over my cutting table and love it -

6" Brass Threshold Wall Clock from Target
I really love the kitchen ones with the timers built in - especially #'s 6, 9 and 16 above! I think they'd look fab in my kitchen and I even have a spare wall for one, hahah. Hubby, you reading this?

I like the idea that even though a clock is very utilitarian it can still be stylish and add to your decor, make a statement. Have fun with it. But maybe that's just me. And I know people who absolutely hate clocks. I'm on the opposite end of that spectrum, obviously. 😀

So, my wishlist grows - and I'll make sure to try and update this post when I finally do decide on a clock for those bare walls, I'll add a few pics here with my decisions.

Go forth in good time keeping, people!
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  1. I have a clock in every room also. My bathroom also has a clock. I've been on the search for a clock in my entryway, I want to make sure I'm not late for something! LOL

  2. MidlifecrisissexsymbolFebruary 24, 2018 at 10:25 PM

    I LOVE clocks! Ironically, I'm late for everything. I have clocks everywhere, but I lie to myself about if they're correct or not (I have a hard time lying about the atomic clock/weather center in the kitchen, as it sets itself to the "real" time). My newest clock is an authentic starburst in black metal. Love, love, love it! I saw it at a local gift shop and snapped a pic and sent it to my husband, as a huge hint for Christmas. Being the sweetheart he is, he got it for me! (He also appreciates hints.) We hung it in the entryway, but it made me realize my upcoming (someday) kitchen remodel will definitely have a retro flair to it. It's like the clock opened up my creative side (a good clock has that power, you know). I also have a KitKat Clock in the kitchen, another reason to go retro! And I have salivated over many of the clocks you posted. The only reason I don't have the kitchen clock with the built-in timer is I can't decide between the black, chrome, or turquoise, and I don't have wall space for all three!

  3. MidlifecrisissexsymbolFebruary 24, 2018 at 10:33 PM

    Hmmm... the black retro timer clock is $50, the chrome is $46, and the turquoise is $30. I may have just made a decision! :)


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