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It's no secret: I have Littles.

Said Littles are 3 and 5. The eldest, the wee girl, was uber easy to potty train.

Le garcon on the other hand was as stubborn as all get out.

So this led to a more creative style of parenting I had to fully embrace (and for that matter, I had grandmas, grandpas, aunties and uncles in Canada, 3,000 miles away, participating in the shenanigans. Oh yes, my friends, we were all in deep).

This boy LOVES super heroes. Like, is obsessed. I harnessed this obsession in what I like to call:


(for the record, "Cap" is Captain America's nickname. You still with me?)

Let's just say that as soon as "Cap" sent the boy's Marvel potty seat insert, BAM. Couldn't get that kid off the toilet.

Okay. Let's kick this up a notch. Time to get the kid outta pull-ups? Let's get Cap involved.

A series of voice-altered voice messages arrived magically in my inbox from Cap (my husband), daily, praising the kid for whatever he had done well the night before.

Got up to pee? Voice message. Made it through the night with a dry pull-up? Voice message. Did a #2 in the potty? Voice message.

Then the aunties started in with the texts and voice messages - telling the boy that Cap, Iron Man or even the Hulk had called them and told them how well he was doing, and that they were so proud of him!

(This led to my son wanting Cap to marry my single sister, but that's another story...)

Anywho. Once in a while, Cap would even mail the boy a letter telling him how great he was doing, that he had chatted with Tony (Stark, "Iron Man") and they were really happy, and that even the Hulk had said "GOOD BOY."

I told you. I was all in. Within 2 weeks this kid had a dry bum every night, Cap, Tony and even Spiderman were sending him cotton 'big boy panties' and he was trained. BOO YA. #momwin

Flash forward 6 months. We are fully trained. No accidents. But he's still too little to go without an insert in the toilet and they (the inserts) drive me crazy. I've tried to put hangers up for them, they don't work. I've tried hooks. They don't work. It ultimately ends up thrown on the floor beside the potty when the 3 other people in the house are using the toilet and it grosses me out.

Then I was at our local library the other day, using the facilities with the kiddos in the children's library section as we always seem to do when we're there (what is with kids and public washrooms??? WE JUST WENT BEFORE WE LEFT THE HOUSE SO WE WOULDN'T HAVE TO DO THIS! **shudders**) and they have this cool built in potty seat thingamajigger that the kids love. Huh. Me thinks I might look into this, not really all that hopeful, thinking to myself well this library is rather on the retro side, these things can't still be made.

Oh no my friends. Guess what Cap sent, and popped in during nap time to install? The NextStep Adult Toilet Seat with Built-in Potty Training Seat: (aff link)
ideas for potty training your super hero obsessed boy || Sew at Home Mummy


The note reads:
"Dear Ewan + Audrey,
Enjoy your new potty seat. Hulk loves his. You don't need those baby potty seats anymore.
p.s. Tony says Hi!"

Built-in training potty seat by NextStep - ideas for potty training your super hero obsessed boy || Sew at Home Mummy

Bit about the seat:
  • This seat is available in standard round bowl and elongated, and in 3 different colors (affiliate links are to Amazon.com).
  • The kid's seat is removable for later, when their cute little butts are too big for them anymore
  • It's soft closing. Good-bye 3am seat-slamming banging, hello more SLEEP. 
  • The kid's seat sits in the upward position and stays there via a magnet in the lid (so it won't fall)
  • It's a good, heavy seat. On the box it said it's actually wood (although the kiddo's seat feels like plastic to me)
  • It's not expensive. I mean, relatively speaking when you drop at least $20-30 for one of those plastic drop-in seats.
  • It's comfortable. My husband doesn't complain. 'Nuff said.
  • Easy to install. Took me about 5 minutes to remove the old one and swap it out for this one, cleaning time included.

Believe me when I say I never thought I would be posting on my blog about a toilet seat. But man, am I happy to throw out those plastic inserts that all of the gunge and grime and ickyness gets on no matter how many times a day I wipe them with Clorox wipes. Uggggggh. And don't get me started on those padded cushiony ones.... grrrroooooossssss.

I had to share. And maybe I'm out to lunch and late to the party, but oh, I had to share just in case there are any parent out there that don't know about these wonderful things.

So there's my shnazzy home gadget share for you today. *giggles*
*this post contains affiliate links to Amazon at no additional cost to you. For more information, please visit my Disclosure Statement and Advertising Policies page. 

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  1. Love this story!!! Your family was so good to play along.

  2. Cute story, this will be a great story for years to come.

  3. Great way to encourage the little man! I had three boys (men now). First one trained early - he wanted to be like the big boys at his day care. Two younger ones - diapers were so much easier for them. Youngest didn't want to sit, didn't want the stand, didn't want to try. Finally bribed him with a toy dinosaur he saw and wanted. I wish i would have tried the super hero trick. Too late now!

  4. My husband convinced our oldest to try the potty by telling him his little plastic horse had to go pee. Whatever works, right? Love all the super hero involvement you had going on. And that seat is seriously genius!

  5. Loved this whole post. 😁
    I'll definitely keep this in mind when I decide is time to train my third. I hated potty training the first two. And yes. Clorox wipes coming out my ears.


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