American Made Brand solids: The Swap Page!

This is the official page for the American Made Brand solids Great Brick Swap at Sew at Home Mummy!

Sew at Home Mummy
May 28, 2014 
I will be updating this page daily as I receive packages; I'll be posting teaser pics here of the sorting, cutting and mailing processes!

I'll also be posting about the process on Instagram - I'm @sewathomemummy - I suggest you follow along if you'd like on-the-fly updates! tee hee!

I'd also love it if you would share the button for the swap on your blogs if you have them!

Feel free to leave comments here, converse among yourselves and with me - don't hesitate to ask questions either :)

Stay tuned!

May 29, 2014
Color assignments have gone out - please check your email.

A coupon code to the Fat Quarter Shop has also gone out - please check your email. The coupon code is only good for 2 weeks, and exclusive to the participants - please do not share the code.

4 of the 25 participants have emailed me to let me know they have purchased their fabrics!

Check back soon for pictures of packages coming in and of the cutting process!

May 31, 2014
First two packages of fabric have arrived!

June 4th:
Great mail day!

June 5th:

Received Fabrics From:
1) BS 67060
2) MM 27615
3) EM 77479
4) AK 78723
5) SN 04107
6) AC 02176
7) ED 60202
8) MC 95765
9) ST 76016
10) MB 98043
11) SG 65202
12) DD 77355
13) ST84120
14) CW40220
15) RP 79291
16) CM 27516
17) SN 77566
18) LG 97405
19) ME 22172
20) DA 27607
21) MM 20814
22 & 23) NM 55391

All packages have been mailed out to swap participants. Thank you so much for participating!