Lucky me! A 'quiltful' Christmas

8:32:00 AM

Despite not getting the CrockPot I wanted, and have been asking for for... 4 years now... even after putting it on my Amazon wishlist...

my hubby did well this Christmas with my gifts. I could tell he put a lot of thought into everything!

I love all of my new fabrics and gadgets, and can't wait to use them all:

Clockwise, left to right:
pinking shears, ruler grip, machine light, flat-heead pins, RK Kona "Grecian Waters" colorstory, Heirloom charm pack, bungle jungle charm pack, new 1/4" quilting foot, quilting gloves, clips, and a large size Drunkard's template
I'm going to review a couple of these tools for upcoming Tips & Tricks - give you my take on them if you were thinking of buying them for yourself.

Again, another great gift - thanks hun!

An another note, has their Bella Solids on sale today for $4.78/yard, for those of you who want to stock up on your solids!

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  1. looks to me like you did very well x

  2. I think U won a jackpot in many ways ..wink..

  3. Looks like a sweet haul!! And you have to forgive him for not getting you a crockpot. We spend years convincing men that domestic and household gifts are disrespectful and not acceptable. They probably think it's a trap when we say it's ok. :-) Go out and get one together, or ask a different Santa. lol.

  4. I have those blue clips for holding the rolls of quilt in place, and they're great. That charm pack of the jungle bundle is also adorable. -Meli from Simply Solids Viridian


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