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I love Tuesdays.

Tuesdays are my 'day off', so to speak.

My husband is in a position where some days, he can work from home, and one of those days just happens to be Tuesdays.

Guess what I do on my days 'off'?

Today is turning out to be a bit of a mish-mash day; I received my king quilt back from the long-armer, but don't really have the energy to start binding it...

I've been slowly plugging away at my triangle hexies; I've managed to baste all of the pieces, now I'm finishing up the triangles. I think I have 5 more to go?

I managed to finish those box bags last week, and jazzed them up a bit by making each one a different size/shape: one is for my mum

...a pressie for a friend for my hubby's office for me, sewing themed {of course} for my guild
meetings, retreats, and sew-alongs
The Tilted Quilt

I've also been preparing my post for The Tilted Quilt's Blog Hop: What's in your bucket? It's all about quilty bucket lists; I'm going to have great giveaways and some pretty jazzy collages of my bucket list inspiration; it's a link-up hop, so you're encouraged to post on your blogs about your lists, too :) Make sure to check back March 3, when my post goes live!

Sew at Home Mummy is also welcoming a new sponsor: Havel's Sewing - and I'll be posting about some of their fabulous products in the coming days.

Today I'm doing something a bit different; I'm linking up to "Pile of Fabric's" Stash Share. See my version of her palate below:

Bella Solids Aqua; Kate Spain's Cuzco; V & Co.'s Simply Color in Leafy Stripe, Comma Swinging Mustard, and two V & Co. Simply Color prints
And, I'd like to thank everyone who commented on the stash builder box I was asking about from Craftsy (post: {here}). I ended up chickening out. It was a *fantastic* deal, and I think if they run the deal again, I'll do it; unfortunately, the deal came up at the same time as the posting for Quiltcon and I panicked about the money, lol.

On another note. I've been thinking about possibly running a weekly series on beautifying your blog. Maybe kind of a tips and tricks sort of thing. I get a lot of positive comments about my blog (the appearance, usability, etc.), and a lot of emails about how I did this and that with it. I'm thinking of running a post a week, on a certain specific blog-topic, perhaps with a tutorial attached on how-to's.

I'd love to do some sort of giveaway or something - the giveaway would be more of me donating my time and a bit of my design or coding experience (which is all self taught) to help someone improve their blog; or, I had thought, maybe I could write a specific critique of the winner's blog (because anyone who knows me knows that I'm the friend who will tell you

"YES, those jeans DO make your butt look big"
"uh, you have spinach in your teeth"...)

...and give them specific tips and help on how to improve it.

(***and I should note, I'm not a graphic or web designer by trade. I don't claim to be an expert. I just think everyone should have pretty blogs in order to best showcase their fantastic quilty work!)

Anyway! I'm thinking about it. We'll see.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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  1. I love you blog and sooo love a tip of the week idea. I have just set up a blog for my own creative outlet and am slowly learning and struggling as I go. I have taken a few tips already from your blog and will continue to follow....if I can learn how to do that:) Anyways, thanks for the help so far and look forward to seeing more things that your talented mind feels to share.
    From Sue and

  2. Gorgeous work and yes I need someone to tell me I look fat ;-)

  3. I'd love posts about making my blog better. I've been blogging for a year (wow!), but I still don't know much about making my blog look good, or about the technical side of things.

  4. Yes, Yes, Yes, please teach us and tell me I have something in my teeth. I knew you were talented but I actually thought you had someone dress up your blog. I haven't told you how fantastic I think it looks. and I love your husbands bag, very cool.

  5. I think the blog design series is a great idea!

  6. I am digging the EPP right now and I love these blues, you gave me a great idea for a project I am planning and I could join the linky party too.. I would love it if someone gave me advice for my blog, I cant get the dimensions right..

    1. Oh, Hi Mara,,, Mara is my blogging buddy Greece Friend, What to hear a cool story.. We have become great friends and I am going to go see her in Greece this year.. Isnt that cool, she lives in a beautiful place. She is very talented too, They make their own wine and olives..The in-laws have a Bed and Breakfast and it cost about 35.00 a night, I am so going, to live like the locals, check out her Greek Blog..

  7. Love the blog tune up series! I have designed my own but know there is more I can do to fine tune to make grab it buttons, so eventually I can do a linky party.

  8. If you do this, I want to win! I would love a blog critique. LOL Glutton for punishment much??

    I've been giving some thought to my blog setup, 'voice' and direction lately. Your posts would come at a great time for me.


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