Prepping for the SOQS

11:20:00 AM

Summer has hit hard and fast here in Chicago. It is hot.

While the kids are enjoying the sudden heat wave (I think the kiddie pool in the back yard has something to do with it) my husband and I are dreading our upcoming electric bills. C'est la vie, as they say!

I've had a bit of fun over the last few days looking at this pretty quilt laying out on our spare bed as I let it rest, letting the folds and wrinkles relax out of it before sending it off to the Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show in Oregon next week.

It's my Reinventing the Wheel quilt (you can read more about it in these posts if you want!)

 I also took the opportunity to take a few new pictures of it, what with the nice weather and the fact that my helper was off for a few days from work - 

I love this quilt, and I can't wait for it to be home for good now and to try and figure out where in the house it'll take its final resting place. It makes me smile. I want to see it every day!

Do you have a quilt like that?

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  1. It's gorgeous! My Love Birds quilt that I made for our bed makes me happy every time I see it (especially when I've taken the time to make the bed, lol).

    1. I never seem to have time to make the bed it something to do with summer????
      (is it finally summer there???)


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